Personal Foreign Exchange Transfers

Our experts will ensure you always get a competitive exchange rate - we take your foreign exchange needs personally.

Why choose Unity FX for your personal foreign exchange?

Our partners ensure your funds are always sent in a secure manner. They can process most transactions same day for select currencies and do not charge any transaction fees.

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Competitive exchange rates

We have multiple liquidity providers and dedicated account managers, this insures you always get maximum value on every trade.

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Personal Service

We understand that timing is everything that's why each client gets their own dedicated account manager to help them manage foreign exchange transactions efficiently.


5 Star Service

Our clients always come first and are at the heart of everything we do, we ensure satisfaction on every transfer.

How it works
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Register Online For Free

Using our online sign up form is quick and easy to use.

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Secure Your Exchange Rate

Let us know which currencies you need & where to send them. We will come back with a rate

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Send Your Money

Funds are safeguarded by our FCA-regulated e-money partners at a credit institution

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Send Your Payment

Our partners provide same day payments for most currencies.

Products and Foreign Exchange services
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Spot Transactions

A transfer made at the current exchange rate. Can have a two-day settlement period and once you provide your beneficiary details, the funds will be sent to any bank account in the world.

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Market orders

Set your target rate and we will monitor the market for you until that rate is hit. So when there is a sudden splash, no need to rush because your transaction is processed automatically.

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Forward contracts

If you worry about the exchange rates moving, a forward contract allows you to fix your rates for future payments, allowing you to ride even the most volatile currency waves.

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Online platform

Our partners platform is fast and easy, allowing you to manage your transfers 24/7, wherever you are.