Our Solutions

Taking our experts to another level.

Our partners provide tailored customer solutions.

At Unity FX we make it our duty to understand our clients requirements and businesses inside out. Our experts then tatically use this information to recommend the most fitting solution to help manage FX exposure efficiently. The solutions our partners provide along with the expertise and knowledge of our professionals will help you stay one step ahead and ensure you’re always getting the best value for money.

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Spot Transfer

A spot transfer allows you to convert currently instantly at the current market rate. If you need someone paid urgently this is the best option for you as we will have the funds with your beneficiary in a matter of hours.

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Forward contract

We offer FX spot and forward contracts (up to 1 year)

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Market Orders

Allow your dedicated currency expert to keep an eye on the market for you. They will keep you up to date with ongoing market knowledge and recommend an optimal time for you to conduct your transfer.


5 Star Service

If you have a desired rate that you would like to achieve set a market order so our platform executes a trade automatically at this level.

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Multi-Currency Collection Accounts

Receive, convert and manage your funds in designated multi-currency bank accounts in your chosen name. These accounts can be used by businesses or individuals to hold and transfer up to 38 different currencies at a time.

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Online Platform

With our parents secure online money transfer platform, you can send money online anytime, anywhere.